The Pyjama Store Blue, Black and White Striped Classic Dressing Gown

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The Pyjama Store Blue, Black and White Striped Classic Dressing Gown/Robe - here at we look at all those important little details to create a range of nightwear that takes evening style to a level not seen since bygone ages with a twist of the fun and cool for today's man.

The details on these robes is second to none with just a little extra thought. Brushed cotton which gets softer and softer as time goes by in thick material designed to give a decent life span.

Hanging label on the inside of the back of the collar so it doesn't irritate your neck. Deep Pockets for essential lounging. Substantial tie belt.

Substantial stiff collar to retain robe styling and shape. Blue, Black and white bottoms also available, as seen in image 2.

Made in Kerala by *Turquaz for The Pyjama Store. This is a *Fair Trade product. 100% Cotton.

*Turquaz is a Fair Trade Company. Their factory in South-West India is SA8000 accredited, this means amongst other things that the workers are treated fairly and with respect and that the use of children as workers is absolutely prohibited. The workforce comprises highly skilled weavers, embroiderers and seamstresses and their working conditions are reflected in the quality of output.

Supporting the  Community
Turquaz also supports the local SOS charity, which provides loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children and a group of schools for underprivileged children. Designed and crafted by a fair trade company mean you receive the finest product at a reasonable and fair price.




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