How To Be A Morning Person!

Be A Morning Person!

Its a New Year and although ‘resolutions’ seem to be out the window because let’s be honest – we are fab the way we are, we have come back to reality wanting to be the best versions of ourselves. Most people want to eat a bit healthier, exercise a bit more, have a bit more ‘me time’.

There is one common denominator in achieving all these goals and that is being rested. It is key to being healthy, loosing weight, concentrating and achieving all you can achieve each day. Since January 1st (or maybe 2nd, depending on how bit your New Year was) we’ve had a big urge to start the year with a bang, but during the first few nights back to work, school or university, a lot of people find it really hard to sleep! We are jet-lagged out of our usual sleep routines whilst having all the angst of getting back to work, how much we have to do, and the fact we have to get up very early tomorrow morning.

Does getting up very early have to be such a terrible thing? We have been experimenting with ways to get yourself up and out of bed, and it’s kind of great!

So come on, here are out tips on how to get up and cease the day!

1. “Just 5 more minutes!!!??”…NO!

We have found that repeatedly hitting ‘snooze’ does not give the desired effect of grabbing as much sleep, and energy as possible. In fact, allowing yourself to remain in that snoozy, dozing state makes it hard to get out of bed and leaves us feeling sleepy all morning. If you need extra sleep that much, try and go to bed 15 minutes earlier.

TIP: When your alarm goes off, get up. Only set one alarm in the morning and stick to it!

2. Let there be light!

Sitting in bright, unnatural light in the evening can trick your body in to think it is time to be awake. In the morning this can work to our favour!

TIP: When your alarm wakes you up don’t think, just do it. Turn on your light or open your curtains!

3. What a treat!

Having plenty of time in the morning gives you the chance to get more done, squeeze in that workout you don’t usually have time to do or just get ready in a leisurely manner. When I’m lying in bed in the morning I think “If I don’t get up now I won’t have the chance to go via my favourite coffee shop and treat myself to a delicious morning pick-me-up”.

TIP: Treat yourself in the morning to something you wouldn’t otherwise have time for. Ideas include a delicious breakfast, a proper coffee, a quick workout, or reading a few pages of your favourite book. You may even have time to walk a bit further towards work or make your lunch for the day- look at you, being all efficient!

There you have it- you’re ready to get up and swan around in your fancy new pyjamas all morning. Enjoy, and let us know how you get on!