Gift Wrapping

Traditionally brands offer Gift Wrapping which is mainly an extension of their branding.

Don’t get us wrong, we want you to know our brand and love it.

But when you want gifts wrapped it is generally for convenience, to have gifted a loved one with something beautiful.

So our Gift Wrapping options are a little different.

We offer a luxury gift wrap service where you can choose from one of 6 beautiful prints as below.

You can also choose standard gift wrap which essentially allows us to choose whatever gift wrap we want.

We match gift paper with a gift tag and can add a note for you (hand-written) or left blank. We don’t add ribbons or rosettes – we just keep it simple with the beautiful wrapping paper.

Premium pyjamas gift wrapping   Premium pyjamas gift wrapping options








Because we believe this service is about you and yours and not us.