# I Woke Up Like This

With New York Fashion Week coming to an end, London is taking the limelight. The capital will see a flurry of fashionistas floating from show to show. However, the catwalk is not just reserved for the shows themselves. Street style is equally as influential in inspiring stylish looks and creating photo worthy moments.

One trend that The Pyjama Store is in love with is the bed hair look. This style is an absolute dream in its effortless elegance and casual laissez faire idiosyncrasy. To help you create this gorgeous look, we have put together a few techniques for you to try.

Saltwater Spray Method


Saltwater spray is a great way to create a bed hair look for people with silky and flat hair. It is a great way to add more texture to your hair so it becomes more coarse so it can be ruffled more easily.


The Tease Method

Another method is to tease your hair by moving your brush or fingers in an upwards direction. This will help create more volume to your look. Use hair spray so that your hair will hold.! !! The

Braid Method

Image by The Braid Bar
Image by The Braid Bar

To create a curvy style, put your hair into plaits and sleep with them in overnight. It is important to note that the tighter the braid, the tighter the curves will be when you take your hair out the next morning. In the morning, take your hair out of the plaits and ruffle your hair to create volume and texture. The bigger the braid, the bigger the locks. Use hair spray to finish the look to ensure the hair holds.

Let us know which one works best for you and tag us in your pictures of your bed hair look. Be sure to used the hashtags #bedhair and #iwokeuplikethis.